World Cup 2022.. Renard: We came to Qatar in order to qualify.. and meeting Poland is difficult

World Cup 2022.. Renard: We came to Qatar in order to qualify.. and meeting Poland is difficult


Hervé Renard, coach of the Saudi national team, stressed the difficulty of facing his Polish counterpart, which is scheduled to be held tomorrow, Saturday, in the second round of the group stage of the Qatar World Cup 2022.


Renard spoke in the press conference for the match, saying: “We will play the second match tomorrow, which is very important and difficult, against a very strong team.”


“We came here to qualify,” Renard added. “Nothing has changed with regard to the World Cup favorites, and we will maintain our humility because if we forget that, we will not play a good match.”


The Saudi national team coach explained: “We must finish the group as first or second, the most important thing is to achieve qualification for the next round,” adding, “I have a lot of tasks to do, and I do not give advice to other coaches. I am a modest coach.”


He continued, “We respect all the teams we face, whether Argentina, Poland, Vietnam or other teams,” explaining, “My grandparents were from Poland, but tomorrow I am Saudi.”


Renard continued his statements, saying, “Yasser Al-Shahrani is an important player and we will miss him tomorrow, and I have options to replace him, represented by Sultan Al-Ghanam, Saud Abdul-Hamid, or Muhammad Al-Buraik.”


Renard added, “It is difficult for Salman Al-Faraj to participate in the upcoming World Cup matches due to injury.”


The Saudi national team snatched 3 valuable points against its Argentine counterpart in the first round match that brought the two teams together, and ended with the Green Falcons winning 2-1.


The Saudi national team leads its group with 3 points, while the Poland national team comes in second place with one point after a tie in the first round with Mexico, and Mexico occupies third place, while Argentina bottoms its group without points.

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