Report: Maradona Received Inadequate Medical Care

A panel of medical experts concluded that Argentine football legend Diego Maradona received inadequate and reckless medical care before his death.

In Argentina, prosecutors asked the panel to investigate Maradona’s medical team after the player’s death in November last year.

The football legend died of a heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires, at the age of 60.

His death came a few days after he underwent successful surgery on a blood clot in the brain earlier in November. As he was to be cured of alcoholism.

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Maradona lived a tumultuous personal life marked by cocaine and alcohol addictions.

The death of the player, who led Argentina to glory in the World Cup of 1986, left the world of football in mourning.

The sudden death raised questions about his medical treatment.

A few days after his death, Argentine prosecutors began investigating the doctors and nurses involved in his care.

In March, prosecutors set up a panel of 20 medical experts to examine the cause of Maradona’s death and determine if there was any negligence.

Local media in Argentina published the panel’s conclusions on Friday.

In a 70-page report, the panel said that Maradona fell seriously ill 12 hours before his death.

The report stated that during this period “he was not subject to proper monitoring.”

As a result, the panel, in its report, accused Diego Maradona’s medical team of leaving his life “to its fate”.

The newspaper said that medical experts affirmed Maradona might have had a better chance of survival if he received treatment in a medical facility rather than at his home.

The panel concluded that the action taken by the medical team was inappropriate and that Maradona received inadequate and reckless medical care.

After this report, prosecutors will decide whether to file any charges against the doctors.

The report said that manslaughter may be among the charges.

In the same context, the police had stormed the house and clinic of Maradona’s doctor.

A complaint filed by two of Diego Maradona’s daughters prompted the lawsuit. Consequently, that raised concerns about their father’s treatment after the brain surgery.

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