Riyad Mahrez Might Move to Barcelona

Riyad Mahrez might move to Barcelona, ​​Spanish media have confirmed.

Reports indicated that Manchester City entered into official negotiations to sell Mahrez to Barcelona, ​​during the current summer transfer window.

The deal will be a real gift for the Algerian wing. He is a loyal fan of the Catalan team.

Catalunya Ràdio revealed that the administrations of Manchester City and Barcelona are studying the deal. And, there is a possibility of concluding exchange deals in the coming period.

Mahrez at the negotiating table

The same source indicated that Manchester City placed Mahrez, Sterling, and Laporte on the negotiating table.

It pointed out the readiness of the English club to study all the proposals submitted by the Spanish party regarding them.

But Fennecfootball ruled out the transfer of Mahrez. Or even the completion of any exchange deal between Barcelona and Manchester City this summer.

The site attributed the reason for the difficulty of concluding any deal between City and Barcelona. At the present time, it is the high wages of those Man City stars.

Mahrez, for example, currently earns in Manchester City an annual wage of 10.4 million euros. And there are only 10 current players in Barcelona who earn more than him.

Fennecfootball pointed out that Barcelona suffers from a problem due to the Financial Fair Play Law. This makes them unable so far to sign the new contract for Lionel Messi.

In fact, Mahrez, 30, has a contract with Manchester City that extends until the summer of 2023.

Riyad Mahrez Might Move

Furthermore, reports confirmed that City decided to put Mahrez on the list of players offered for sale.

The City administration aims to invest the money of the Mahrez deal, accompanied by his colleague, Raheem Sterling. For a deal that includes Jack Grealish and Harry Kane from Aston Villa and Tottenham.

Mahrez’s followers considered the position of the club a betrayal of the Algerian star.

Mahrez helped the team win the Premier League title and reach the Champions League final last season.

He confirmed, a few days ago, that he does not want to leave City. And he wants to retire in the English Premier League and with the same team.

Mahrez’s wonderful journey in the Premier League continued with Manchester City. He joined in 2018 from Leicester City.

He won many local titles, including the English Premier League twice. Mahrez also won the League Cup 3 times, the FA Cup once, and the Charity Shield once as well.

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