Ronaldinho: It is difficult to choose Messi the best in history with Pele and Maradona


Brazilian star Ronaldinho expressed his optimism about the future of Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez with Barca during the current period.


“Barcelona has a great coach, great players, and some new arrivals. It also has very talented young players, Barca has everything to return to the top,” Ronaldinho said in televised statements to “Eleven Sports TV” on the sidelines of his participation in a legends match in Belgium today, Wednesday.


Ronaldinho confirmed: “Barcelona is going through a transitional phase. My time at the club is back. I hope everything goes well, it is the club I have played in for the longest period, it is a team that I love.”


When asked if Messi is the best player of all time, Ronaldinho said: “It’s hard to say, there are a lot of other players, I don’t like to compare, you have Maradona, Pele, there are a lot, each of them was the best in his time.”


And about Belgian football, Ronaldinho added: “Kevin de Bruyne, the Manchester City midfielder, as the player I love the most, and Eden Hazard more than looks like me because of his evasiveness.”


In another context, the Barcelona club’s board of directors, which met in an ordinary session, last week approved the budget for the 2022-2023 season, which expects operating revenues of one billion and 255 million euros, and profits of 274 million euros.


The Catalan club’s board of directors also approved the final account for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, with total revenues of one billion and 17 million euros, and profits of 98 million euros.


At the next meeting, the ninth of October, a date was set for the convening of the next assembly of committed members, which will be remotely, according to the confirmation of the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, as the first team will receive on the same day at the “Camp Nou” Celta Vigo team, within the eighth round of “No.” Lega”.


Today’s session witnessed the Joan Laporta Council’s briefing on the development of the demolition of part of the third wing of the stadium’s southern goal, which began on the first of this September, as it is expected to take advantage of the period of suspension of football activity, due to the establishment of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar during November and next December to complete some This business.

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