Cristiano Ronaldo appeared gloomy in Manchester United


British press reports described the appearance of the Portuguese international, Cristiano Ronaldo, player of Manchester United club, as bleak after his departure from the stadium of his team’s match against Rayo Vallecano, Spain, in a friendly match after being substituted at the beginning of the second half of the match.


The newspaper “Sun” monitored the appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo in his “Bentley” car, and described the expressions of the Don’s face as gloomy, which indicates the continuing state of tension between the player and the management of the Red Devils, in light of reports indicating the player’s desire to leave the ranks of the Red Devils during the summer transfer period.


Ronaldo is seeking to leave due to Manchester United’s absence from the Champions League next season, in addition to a 25% salary reduction as a result of the team’s sixth place in the English Premier League table last season.


British press reports revealed Manchester United’s intention not to impose a penalty on Cristiano Ronaldo after his departure from the Rayo Vallecano friendly match stadium, which angered the Red Devils fans because of his departure during the match.


Ronaldo participated for the first time in the match between Manchester United and Rayo Vallecano, and was substituted at the beginning of the second half, but he left the field before the end of the match.


Manchester United drew 1-1 with its guest, Rayo Vallecano, in the friendly match that brought them together on Sunday evening, at Old Trafford, as part of the two teams’ preparations for the new season.


Manchester United is scheduled to open the new English Premier League season against Brighton at Old Trafford in the first round on August 7.


According to an informed source within Manchester United, the team management will not impose penalties on Cristiano Ronaldo, indicating that there is no crisis due to the player’s anger after returning to participate with the club again.


Ronaldo missed the preparatory season for the Red Devils for “family reasons,” as the club reported in a previous statement it issued, but English reports revealed that he was looking for a new club during that period.


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