Ronaldo: We are a cohesive group that cannot be broken and a fighter for the dream

Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the Portuguese national team, has responded to the recent news that he has threatened to leave his country’s camp.


Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram account: We are a group so cohesive that it cannot be broken by any external forces, a nation so brave as not to allow itself to fear any opponent, a team in the true sense of the word, will fight for the dream until the end, believe with us.

For his part, the Portuguese Football Association announced that the news that emerged from the newspapers about Cristiano Ronaldo’s threat to leave the national team camp, because of his replacement in the South Korea match in the group stage, and sitting on the bench in the Switzerland match in the round of 16 in the World Cup, incorrect news.


The newspaper Récord, Portuguese, has revealed the scenes of the dialogue that took place between the star Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of Portugal and coach Fernando Santos, after Ronaldo was replaced in the South Korea match in the last round of the group stage, to be the captain of the navigators on the bench also in the next match with Switzerland round of 16, which ended with Portugal winning 6/1.


Ronaldo had replaced in the game, where a picture of the Portugal star was taken with his coach, during Santos’ giving Ronaldo technical instructions before coming down as a replacement, the Portuguese newspaper put the headline “Ronaldo threatened to leave.”


The newspaper added: The story begins with the group stage match between Portugal and South Korea, in the 65th minute and the score 1-1, Fernando Santos decided to take the step of changing the trio of the team, including Cristiano Ronaldo, and ends with a controversial reaction from Ronaldo on the pitch “You are in a hurry to get me out”, were the words picked up by the Portuguese media, and the anger was very clear and the response of the Portuguese coach did not take long.


Fernando Santos said at the press conference ahead of the last-16 match against Switzerland: “I have seen pictures of Cristiano’s change and I didn’t like his reaction at all, but from there, these problems are solved inside and it’s time to think about tomorrow’s match, which we are all focused on.”


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