Ronaldo surprises the Al-Nasr administration by requesting a contract with his 40-year-old colleague


Spanish press reports revealed that the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved officially a few days ago to the Saudi club Al-Nasr in a transfer deal, is the highest in the history of football, as the international card of the player arrived during the past hours in preparation for the official participation in the matches, but it arrived with the suspension of two matches due to his infringement. A member of the Everton fans, during his participation with the English team Manchester United, has demanded that the team management sign a number of his former colleagues in the Portuguese national team or Real Madrid.


Marca newspaper indicated that Ronaldo demanded the inclusion of Portuguese defender Bibi, as his name was present in the first talks that took place with Cristiano in Riyadh, as the global team seeks to invest in the presence of the legend to build a great team, as reports revealed that the administration is seeking to sign a number of players. Global players such as Sergo Ramos, who will be a free transfer deal in the upcoming summer transfers, and the player Luka Modric, the star of the Spanish Real Madrid team in 2024, in addition to many moves to include players from the first five-star ranks in the world.


Ronaldo demands Al-Nasr team to contract with Bibi


It is noteworthy that Ronaldo participated with his colleague Pepe in about a thousand matches with Real Madrid, where they represented a great force in the Spanish team and together carried more than one title even during the period of Jose Moreno, and Pepe and Ronaldo formed the core of the Portuguese national team over the past decade and a half, in addition to Until during a match in the last World Cup, which was held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, where Ronaldo was a substitute, Bibi did not hesitate to take off the armband and give it to the striker as soon as Ronaldo entered the field in a clear gesture of admiration and they had a relationship more than Just friends and it is only natural that they intend to share the dressing room again in Riyadh under the banner of the Saudi victory.



International defender Pepe will be forty years old next February, but he has performed well in the last World Cup, through which he confirmed that he is still able to play football at a high level, especially as he presents great levels with the Portuguese team Porto and has a great opportunity to continue Good performances with his colleague Ronaldo with the Saudi club Al-Nasr, as the management seeks that contracting with Ronaldo is just the beginning of attracting many world stars.


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