Ronaldo against Messi in Riyadh… Ronaldo’s first match with Al-Nassr against the World Cup champion


Fans of the Portuguese player Cristiano all over the world are waiting for his first match in the Saudi Professional League competitions, after the success of the Saudi club Al-Nasr in including the world player in its ranks, and the coach of the team, “Rudi Garcia”, confirmed that Ronaldo will play against Messi in the friendly match that will be held in Riyadh as part of the activities The Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia, and Ronaldo’s first official match with Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia will be against Al-Ettifaq Club on January 22, 2023.


Ronaldo in front of Paris Saint-Germain


The match between Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia and Paris Saint-Germain comes within the activities of the Riyadh season, which will be held on January 19 at Marsoul Park Stadium, which will be a mixture of Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal players in front of Paris Saint-Germain, and Garcia announced that Ronaldo will not play in the Saudi victory shirt with a yellow color, but the shirt will be distinguished With mixed colors between yellow and blue, which is the color of the Saudi Al-Hilal club shirt, Garcia also expressed his dissatisfaction with this match, as he stated that seeing Paris Saint-Germain with its distinguished players is a wonderful thing for the sake of football fun, but it will be a very difficult match for the Saudi victory, and we must be ambitious He also confirmed that he wanted to see Cristiano Ronaldo smile again, after Ronaldo went through successive crises, whether his crisis with his former agent Jorge Mendez, who spent 20 years with Ronaldo, or with his former club, Manchester United.


Reason for banning Ronaldo


Ronaldo has not yet participated in any match for the Saudi victory, but his first participation will be on January 22 against Al-Ettifaq Club, and Ronaldo did not participate because he was suspended by the FA while he was with his former club Manchester United, where he smashed the phone of an Everton fan after winning this. The meeting was against Manchester United, and therefore it was stopped despite him making an official apology, which was rejected by the fan.

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