Ronaldo Might Move to Manchester City

Ronaldo might move to Manchester City, according to several media reports over the past few days.

Ronaldo’s contract with Juventus expires next year. But press reports indicated that Ronaldo wants to leave the Italian team during the current summer transfer window.

They initially associated Ronaldo’s name with joining PSG or returning to his former team, Manchester United. Before a sudden shift occurred as some Italian sites announcing that Manchester City was a strong candidate to contract with the five-Ballon-d’Or winner.

Those sites said Manchester City needed a top-notch scorer, to replace Argentine striker Sergio Aguero.

However, Ronaldo put an end to rumors of his move to Manchester City. In fact, It has been linked to him since 2013.

Ronaldo told the Mirror, “I play for City, not United? I will not do that. Why? Because my heart is in Manchester United, that’s why.”

“I can say that it will be very, very difficult, to play in Manchester City. Difficult because of Manchester United.”

In fact, Ronaldo defended the colors of Manchester United between 2003 and 2009. And thus, he has a very good relationship with United and its fans.

Juventus Plans to Spare Ronaldo

Juventus is planning to spare Ronaldo, according to L’Equipe.

The newspaper confirmed that Juventus is planning to conclude an exchange deal with Paris Saint-Germain.

The French newspaper reported that Juventus is ready to exchange its Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, with the Parisian striker, Mauro Icardi.

Moreover, Football Italia confirmed this report. It comes after Ronaldo published a mysterious message through Instagram on Sunday. He wrote: “The day of the decision.”

The Portuguese star did not clarify if the “decision day” relates to his future with Juventus. Or if he talks about a decision in his private life.

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