Supporting Russia’s exclusion from the World Cup .. The Associated Press reveals the details

Supporting Russia’s exclusion from the World Cup .. The Associated Press reveals the details

Russia’s request to freeze FIFA’s ban on its soccer teams ahead of next week’s World Cup qualifiers has been rejected, and FIFA said the Court of Arbitration for Sport has rejected the Russian Football Association’s request for an urgent interim ruling to freeze the ban pending a full appeal, which could come within weeks.

According to the Associated Press, Russia has sought a temporary ruling to block the ban until a full appeal is filed, with Russia set to play Poland next week in a 2022 World Cup qualifier.

The CAS ruling means Russia will not be able to face Poland in Thursday’s World Cup qualifiers.

The Russian Football Federation can still rescind the FIFA ban before another round of international matches in early June, and a victory for Russia could lead to a replay of qualifying matches this month.

Ukraine is also in the World Cup qualifiers, and FIFA has postponed its scheduled match on Thursday against Scotland until June, when Ukraine or Scotland will qualify to face Wales or Austria – who play in Cardiff next week – with a place in this year’s World Cup in Qatar at stake.

Poland urged FIFA to ban Russia, and Ukraine’s neighbor said it would refuse to participate in the competition due to the attacks.

According to the report, the court said on Thursday that the match would not take place, but Russia still had a chance of qualifying if it won its full appeal in court.

The Associated Press noted that the European Football Association also banned Russian teams after the Ukraine operation and Russia also lost its legal battle to block the European Union’s decision.

Football is not the only sport Russia has been banned from, with several international organizations suspending Russian participation or saying that Russian athletes cannot compete under their flag.

“Football is united here and in full solidarity with all affected people in Ukraine,” FIFA said when banning Russia from competitions, adding that it hoped “the situation in Ukraine will improve dramatically and quickly so that football can once again be a vector of “unity and peace among people”. “.

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