Reports: departure of Mohamed Salah from Liverpool, and the new club is revealed


Press reports revealed that the departure of Mohamed Salah from Liverpool has become inevitable, because the Liverpool team is no longer suitable for the aspirations of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and staying is no longer a sufficient motivator to achieve achievements, whether individual or collective, after the English team headed down the list, as it ranks ninth in the league. English.


Thus, there is a threat to the star, Mohamed Salah, with many losses, whether at the team level, the individual level, or even the international level, in conjunction with the presence of strong competitors who are winning titles and increasing their achievements.


Salah’s departure from Liverpool


The English team has had many crises recently and is no longer able to complete beneficial deals for the club, and its last deal was with the Dutchman Cagbo, of which no effect has been shown until now.


And Liverpool suffered a crushing defeat against Brighton, who ranked seventh in the English Premier League, where Brighton scored three goals for nothing, in the presence and participation of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and Liverpool’s performance was very bad in the match in the absence of front-line stars Nunez and Firmino’s injury.


Liverpool fans’ claims


This coincides with the masses’ demand for Mohamed Salah to leave Liverpool and survive the lack of success that the team faces, because the current season is difficult for the Egyptian pharaoh to achieve any achievements or titles in it, and Mohamed Salah’s balance will become zero this season and he will not achieve any of his titles, whether it is victory. The top scorer title or the title of the best in the English Premier League.


He must leave, like his companion Sadio Mane, and he will face great difficulty in snatching any African title due to the brilliance of a large number of stars who shone their light in the 2022 World Cup, such as Hakim Ziyech and Ashraf Hakimi.


Salah’s transfer to one of the great giants


According to press reports, she confirmed that Liverpool is on the date of an exceptional deal that may change a change of events completely and may occur at the end of January or after the end of the season, and if Liverpool continues in this way, Salah will not play in any European championship.


Therefore, this is the biggest incentive for the departure of the Egyptian king, and Mohamed Salah may move during the summer transfers. Reports confirmed that many clubs have prepared huge offers to include Mohamed Salah in their ranks, including Barcelona, Juventus and the giant Paris Saint-Germain, so is it possible for Salah to do it?

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