Haaland breaks Mohamed Salah’s numbers


The Norwegian star Haaland and the Manchester City player in the English Premier League broke the record set by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and South Korean player Heung-min Son last season, as Erling Haaland managed to reach a record.


And that is only this month, January, and during his participation in the match with his club Manchester City against Wolverhampton, in the 21st round of the English Premier League, Halland scored 3 goals, which is the fourth “hat-trick” that he scored this season, and the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, By rewarding Haaland by switching him to rest after the honorable performance on the field, he replaced Haaland with Argentine player Julian Alvarez.


Haaland and setting records


After Haaland led his team to a big victory, with three goals to none, at the expense of its guest, Wolverhampton Wonders, in the match that brought them together on Sunday at the Etihad Stadium in the twenty-first round of the English Premier League competitions.


With Haaland making this hat-trick, Haaland has raised his score to 25 goals this season, just fixing the number of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, Liverpool striker, and Korean star Heung-min, on the day of the Tottenham star, when they scored 23 goals for each of them last season.


Haaland still has 18 matches in the English Premier League, and therefore there is a high possibility that he will become the most scoring player in the history of the English Premier League. Is it possible for Haaland to break Andy Cole’s record for Newcastle, who scored 34 goals in the 1993-1994 season, and the fans expect that Haaland He’s the Citizen’s new goal machine.


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