Saudi club Al Nasr moves to include Ramos star Paris Saint-Germain

The Saudi club Al Nasr detonates a new surprise by approaching the inclusion of the Paris Saint-Germain star, after the Ronaldo deal, The Saudi Al-Nasr Club blew up a heavy-caliber surprise by contracting with the most important deal in the world during the winter transfer period, including the Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, with a contract that extends for two and a half seasons until the end of the 2025 season, after the termination of his contract with his former team, Manchester United, after mutual statements with the administration and with coach.




A new surprise, led by the Saudi victory


The Saudi club Al-Nasr got a new strong push regarding the possibility of contracting with Sergio Ramos, defender of Paris Saint-Germain, as the player’s contract with the team expires in the summer of 2023, as the team plans to lure the Spanish defender with a large salary to move to the Saudi League through a free transfer deal.


The AS newspaper said that there have been many doubts recently with the Paris Saint-Germain administration regarding the renewal of Ramos’ contract, especially after the loss of the capital team to Lens in the French League championship, as the management questioned Ramos’ ability to continue playing at the highest level and continue to present distinguished performances. .


The journalist pointed out that despite Luis Campos’ statement, sports advisor to Paris, about the team’s desire to renew Ramos’ contract, the truth is that the French team’s position is clear only in the issue of extending the contract with Argentine player Lionel Messi after he presented impressive levels with his country and won the last World Cup. .


And the management of the Paris Saint-Germain team believes that Sergio Ramos no longer enjoys the required speed and that his level has declined during the last period, and therefore the discussion of renewing the contract has been postponed for some time, and the management is waiting for the team’s matches with Bayern Munich in the Champions League final price and waiting for the level that the player will present with The team and its positive signals about its ability to play at the highest level.


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