A shock to the Saudi Al-Nasr fans after Ronaldo was suspended for two matches with Al-Nasr


Press reports revealed a shock to the fans of the Saudi Al-Nasr team, who was preparing to see its new star, the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, after contracting with him during the winter transfer period, in a deal that is the highest in football history, in a contract that extends until the end of the 2025 season, as the global audience was waiting for the first The appearance of the legend in today’s match against Al-Taie, but the decision of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) prevented that.




The Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper indicated that the international card of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo arrived during the past hours, including a two-match ban for the player as a result of a disciplinary decision by the English Football Association due to Ronaldo’s assault on an Everton fan when he was a player in the ranks of the Manchester United team.


The page reports revealed that after the player’s international card arrived, he would have been suspended in the first two matches with the Saudi Al-Nasr team, starting from the date of the player’s registration in the ranks of Al-Nasr, whose management must drop the name of one of the eight foreign players from the list in order to register the player Ronaldo.


Al-Nasr Saudi


The newspaper indicated that in the event that the player Ronaldo participated in any match with Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia before the end of the suspension penalty, his Saudi team, Al-Nasr, would lose the points he obtained once he submitted any official protest, as the Al-Nasr team plays today, Friday, at five o’clock in the evening, against the Al-Ta’i team in the round competitions. The twelfth of the Saudi League championship, in the match that was postponed from yesterday, Thursday, due to electrical faults in the stadium where the match will be held.


And the Al-Nasr Team had included the player Cristiano Ronaldo in a deal called the deal of the century, in a free transfer deal after his contract with Manchester United was terminated after Ronaldo’s statements against the team coach and management.


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