Saudi Arabia seeks to organize the World Cup 2030

Saudi Arabia is seeking to organize the World Cup 2030, according to media reports.

The Athletic said that FIFA encourages the organization of the tournament in 2030 with a joint file.

The Federation aims to reduce the financial burden. This is due to the increase in the number of countries participating in the tournament.

The number of teams starting from the 2026 tournament is to reach 48 teams. And, thus, there will be an increase in the number of matches.

According to the site, Boston Consulting, an American company, submitted two proposals to the Kingdom to organize the World Cup 2030 jointly.

The first proposal included that Saudi Arabia submits a joint file with Egypt and Morocco.

What is holding this back, however, is that Egypt and Morocco need to make massive infrastructure improvements.

The second proposal is a joint file with Italy. This will give the file a strong impetus before FIFA.

The report stated that the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Italy has become strong during the recent period. Especially after holding the Italian Super in Saudi Arabia.


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