Saudi Arabia Sportswash the Government’s Crimes

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, uses sports activities to sportswash his image, according to the Guardian.

The newspaper said in a report that bin Salman sponsors the GreenEdge cycling team for the purpose of sportswashing.

It indicated that he likes to control prestigious international brands to whitewash his image.

The newspaper expressed its frustration that cyclists will be working with a government accused of crimes against humanity led by bin Salman.

Furthermore, Newsweek revealed that bin Salman deals with the principle of “money in exchange for legitimacy,” which is known as sports washing.

It said he pays to bring in sports tournaments and trophies in exchange for international credibility.

It stated that it was not logical to separate politics from the realm of “sports investments”.

The newspaper indicated that this is especially true when it comes to countries such as the Kingdom. Because it has a poor human rights record.

It warned that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia needs such investments to “sportswash” his image internationally.

Khadija Cengiz, the fiancé of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, said. Bin Salman offered the boxing sports players Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury 100 million pounds to participate in a sporting match.

Khadija Genghis issued an urgent appeal to them not to accept the tremendous financial offer.

She stated that the goal was to host a match for them in the KSA.

Genghis continued, “I cannot believe it! After all this time and all the evidence proving his involvement in Khashoggi’s assassination, he is still insisting on hosting sports tournaments.”

Bin Salman, since his accession to power, sought to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s sporting influence. Ultimately, he ended up using it to whitewash his poor human rights record.


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