Saudi Arabia’s Obstacles to Hosting the World Cup 2030

Saudi Arabia’s desire to host the World Cup 2030 is facing political and technical difficulties, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper pointed out that Saudi Arabia contracted with Boston Consulting Group. They wanted them to contribute to the Kingdom’s dream of organizing the World Cup.

It indicated that Saudi Arabia asked the advisors to explore the feasibility of submitting a request to FIFA to host the World Cup 2030.

Consultants stressed the need to think outside the box to bring the tournament organization to Riyadh, according to the newspaper.

Saudi Arabia World Cup 2030?

Saudi Arabia faces widespread criticism from human rights organizations. They oppose the organization of sporting events in the Kingdom, especially because Riyadh killed Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

The technical obstacles also appear as another obstacle to Riyadh’s dreams of organizing the international event, which attracts audiences every 4 years.

It considered that these technical matters seem more urgent. In fact, Qatar will host the first World Cup in the Middle East next winter.

The NYT added that one of the solutions before Riyadh is to request hosting in partnership with a European country. This would require FIFA to change its policy, as the tournament was not organized in two different continents previously.

Specialists also believe that Saudi Arabia is required to persuade FIFA to change the date of the summer event, in order to avoid the hot desert climate in the Kingdom.

In addition, the difficulty of organizing the tournament every two years instead of 4 years. The Saudi Federation should propose assigning the executive management to study the feasibility of holding the World Cup every two years instead of four.


The New York Times also pointed out mistakes made by the kingdom. And the world still remembers them. For example, the television network that over the years stole billions of satellite broadcasting rights for major leagues and tournaments.

Saudi Arabia still bans Qatar’s sports network, beIN Sports. This means that the way for the Saudi public to watch the world championships will be through illegal broadcasts.


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