Scaloni: Messi is the best player in history and we played better matches than Croatia


Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine national team, talked about the exciting and sixth qualification in the history of Tango to the final of the World Cup, which is currently being held at the expense of Croatia, in the match that ended with three clean goals at the “Lucile” stadium.

Scaloni said in statements after the match, refusing to speculate on the second party in the final: “We celebrate because it is a very exciting thing, but there is still a step left. It is a moment to enjoy it, but we really have to think about what’s next.”

Scaloni stressed, “In the first minutes they had possession of the ball, we knew that this could happen, their midfield is very difficult to control, we understood that the match should be played in this way, we did what we had to do.”

The Argentina coach added, “I try not to get excited, I am in the dream place of any Argentine, when you represent your country, it is impossible not to do what these guys do, it is exciting.”

And Lionel Scaloni continued: “When we lost to Saudi Arabia, the people were with us. We feel everyone’s support and this is unparalleled. We are all moving in the same direction. We all want the common good. We are all fans of Argentina.”

Scaloni said about the opponent of the final: “I have never preferred one competitor over the other, let’s face either of them, they are two great teams.”

Scaloni spoke about his legendary star, Lionel Messi: “Sometimes it seems that we say that because we are Argentine, but I think Messi is the best in history. I have no doubt. Enthusiasm is born in his teammates, in the audience. It is fortunate for me and a privilege for me to be Argentine.”

Scaloni stressed, “The matches are not all the same. There are times when the opponent can get ahead of you. In those moments, the team regained its vitality and in the end acted based on the moment of the match. We know how to face the moments.”

And the Argentine coach added: “This coaching staff radiates desire. We have gone through very strong things in the national team. We live for the national team and suffer like the fans. For those who are not Argentines, I know it is difficult to understand how we experience football.”

Scaloni continued: “Winning like this, and the semi-final is the best rest, the best possible treatment, we were able to make all the players play, and this is essential for me.”

And Scaloni reinforced his talk about the victory, saying: “I think we played better matches than this. Playing against this team is not easy, because it is the current runner-up in the world.”

And about his player, Julian Alvarez, the Argentine coach said: “It was a very good match for him, not only because he scored two goals, but also for his performance against the Croatian midfielders, he had a great display.”

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