Spalletti: Naples has a strong personality and Osumene still needs to learn

Spalletti: Naples has a strong personality and Osumene still needs to learn

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti expressed his happiness with the exciting draw that his team achieved against Leicester City in the European League.

After the Italian team kidnapped, an exciting draw from Leicester City in the deadly time, 2-2 in the group stage matches of the European League, which was held at the “King Power” stadium.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia after the end of the match, Spalletti said:

“The team started the right way, then lost the ball a few times from behind and that was costly.”

The Napoli coach continued:

“After that, we took the initiative all the time and it was a perfectly balanced match, we reacted to receiving the second goal just as we were really pushing it, and it was a very risky situation, because we could have given up in the game.”

Spalletti added:

“Instead, we pressed more and controlled the game and managed to adjust, because frankly it would have been unfair if we lost this match.”

European League

Spalletti emphasized:

“We saw today that this team has a strong character, which was a weakness in previous years, the team reacted really well.”

The Napoli coach explained:

“I want to commend those who came off the bench, because they proved their quality and that makes it easier for everyone, because they are not fighting to replace another teammate, but to play alongside him.”

On his striker, Osimhen, Spalletti said:

“Osimhen still has a few things to learn and after that he will be a professional striker. The comparisons are easy, but it will be with some of the best strikers in the world.”

Spalletti continued:

“He needs to improve the accuracy of his choices, both in finishing touches and in running, because sometimes he runs for no reason.”

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