Ticket prices for the 2023 Spanish Super Cup.. and when will the super matches be held in Riyadh?


Football fans search for the prices of tickets for the Spanish Super Cup 2023 because it is one of the most important tournaments and a group of international clubs participate in it, including Real Madrid, so many want to book Spanish Super Cup tickets, but there are some who did not know the steps and prices of tickets for the Spanish Super Cup 2023 and the channels that broadcast the matches of the Spanish Super Cup. Super, so today in this report we will give you all the information. Follow us.


When does the Spanish Super Cup take place?


The Spanish Super matches will be held on 12/1/2023 until 15/1/2023 in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom, which is the 39th edition in the fourth time that took place in the stadiums of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Spain Cup and runner-up Valencia


Steps to book tickets for the 2023 Spanish Super Cup


For those who wish to book tickets for the Spanish Super Cup, you must follow the following steps:


  1. First, you must go to the website from here 365.
  2. Then choose the match you want to attend.
    After that, write down the required data accurately in the fields provided for that.
    Insert the email and click on the booking icon.
  3. Next, choose the ticket category and the number of tickets you wish to book
    Finally, choose the payment method as you wish.


Ticket prices for the 2023 Spanish Super Cup


The ticket price for the back seats starts from 202 euros to 226 euros.
The price of midfield tickets starts from 273 euros to 296 euros.


Final match prices


  1. Behind the goal, it starts from 285 to 296 euros.
  2. Midfield starts from 344 euros to 372 euros.
  3. It is worth noting that the price of VIP tickets is 2052 euros.


Channels broadcasting the Spanish Super Cup


A large number of football fans are looking for broadcasting channels to set up the channel and prepare to watch the matches, noting that the matches are transmitted exclusively via the ssc channel, and you can set the ssc channel via the Arabsat satellite, and here is the frequency as follows:


  1. The channel frequency is 12418.
  2. Polarization type is horizontal.
  3. Channel image quality: HD.
  4. Coding rate 27500.

Thus, I have provided you with the price of the Spanish Super ticket, how to book, the date of the matches, and the broadcast channels.


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