The prices of the Spanish Super Cup tickets for the year 2023..and the reservation link and reservation methods

In a few days, the powerful Spanish championship will be launched in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, where the Spanish Super Cup will start on January 11, at the beginning of the new year 2023, as many people wish to attend all the Super Cup matches and know the prices of tickets for the Spanish Super Cup 2023. And also knowing the method of booking, as the Super Cup tournament will start in the 39th edition, which is the fourth time that the stadiums of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may host it.


Where he participates in the World Cup, Real Madrid, as the champion of the Spanish League, and FC Barcelona, the runner-up of the league, as well as Real Betis, the King’s Cup champion and the runner-up, Valencia.


Spanish Super Cup 2023 ticket prices


Real Madrid may face Valencia on the 11th of January 2023, and on the 12th of the same month, Betis and Barcelona may face Barcelona, as the final match between the winners will take place on the 15th of January 2023, where the prices of the 2023 Super Cup tickets came as follows:


  • First came the price of tickets for the Spanish Super Cup semi-final behind the goal: from 202 euros to 226 euros.
  • Secondly, the month of super tickets in midfield has arrived: from the amount of 273 euros to the amount of 296 euros.
  • Third, while the price of tickets for the VIP platform reached: 2052 euros.


Ways to book tickets for the Spanish Super Cup 2023


The evening of tickets behind the goal came: from 285 euros to 296 euros, while the price of midfield tickets went from 344 to 372 euros.


Where you can easily book tickets for the Spanish Super Cup 2023 through the 356 tickets website, and the method is as follows.


  1. First, you must go to the Nakkar 365 website.
  2. Secondly, you must choose to book tickets for the 2023 Spanish Super Cup, after which you must choose the match that you may want to attend.
  3. Third, you must choose the place to sit and the number of tickets you want.
  4. Fourth, you must choose the appropriate payment method and payment.
  5. We have reached the end of the exclusive article on our distinguished website.
  6. We have monitored the prices of super tickets for you, and the method of booking in all details.


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