Summary of Jurgen Klopp’s conference on Liverpool and Norwich City

Summary of Jurgen Klopp’s conference on Liverpool and Norwich City

The German Juergen Klopp, the coach of the Liverpool team, which includes the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, spoke about the confrontation that will bring his team against Norwich City at the beginning of the Reds’ campaign in the new edition of the English Premier League competition tomorrow, Saturday, on “Caro Road”.

Klopp said during the match press conference:

“Last season, Manchester City was far from the rest and the season before that we were far from other teams and I don’t know how the competition will be this season, especially after the deals of Leicester, Arsenal and Chelsea and West Ham’s qualification to the Euroleague.”

Klopp added:

“United has big ambitions, so do Chelsea and City and we want to fight for everything and the league will be exciting this season and let’s see how it starts and then we talk about the competition.”

Klopp spoke about the renewal of Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk:

“Virgil’s renewal is great news and the good thing is that we know him very well and he played with us successfully and we are delighted that he is here and is back to being prepared and ready for a successful future.”

Klopp continued:

“The last ten games unbeaten last season we took a lot from and I did not expect that we would do that, but we played each game separately and we knew that the situation is in our hands and we went through the difficulties and achieved third place.”

Klopp continued:

“We experienced the feeling of the fans last week and the slight difference that we will face at home to Norwich tomorrow, and we must prepare for a real confrontation.”

Klopp continued:

“We are playing to get points and to fulfill the dreams of our fans and the pre-season is the best thing to work on things. It was a good run and I am sure the rest of the teams had a good summer and the most important thing is that you are ready for the Premier League with a different intensity.”

A recent club concluded:

“I’m excited to start the season again. We all want special matches and now the league starts.”

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