Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy Talks about the World Cup

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) in Qatar confirmed that hosting the World Cup is not a goal or just organizing the world’s biggest football event. It is presenting an ideal World Cup edition and integrated experience that mirrors the Qatari customs, traditions, and culture.

It also changes the stereotypical view of the Arab world. And leaves a legacy that serves the people of the region and the world after the end of the tournament.

This came during a discussion session held by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy yesterday evening, in which Fatima Al Nuaimi, Communications Executive Director, and Yousef Al Hammadi, SC Media Relations Director, spoke in front of the local media.

Fatima Al Nuaimi said that the SC paid attention to each and every detail while planning for the tournament. The goal is to come up with an exceptional edition of the World Cup that will serve Qatar and its citizens, the Arab region, and the whole world.

She added that organizing the World Cup is not only about building stadiums. But the legacy the tournament will leave for Qatar, the Arab region, and the whole world.

The Designs of the World Cup Stadiums took the needs of the regions into consideration.

The committee visited the people in the areas where the stadiums were built and asked about their needs to take them into account while designing the stadiums. So that the stadiums will be a legacy for them after the end of the World Cup.

Fatima Al Nuaimi clarified that the designs did not come out of nowhere, but rather took a long time. They designed each stadium in a way that tells a different story of the Qatari heritage or culture. In addition, some designs may change after the World Cup. Some stadiums will be turned into social facilities, others will be completely or partially dismantled.

She indicated that the Committee paid much attention to the legacy it will leave to the world, too. They will dismantle a number of seats in most of the stadiums to donate them to other countries in need. This will happen in coordination with the International Football Association (FIFA). Also, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium will be completely dismantled, and all its parts will be donated.

She pointed out that the committee is seeking to provide the World Cup stadiums with the latest technical systems to keep pace with the rapid development of technology.


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