The Arab Cup: a Mini World Cup Rehearsal in Qatar

In preparation for hosting the 2022 World Cup, Qatar will host the FIFA Arab Cup in what looks like a mini World Cup rehearsal.

Qatar has state-of-the-art sports facilities and facilities. This made it among the first choices to host any world championship.

Now, Qatar finds itself in front of a new station in this framework.

The Arab Cup will take place for the first time under the supervision of FIFA, later this year.

Mini World Cup Rehearsal

Jamal Al-Shaibani, head of the sports section of the Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel, said that Qatar has always dealt well with all the surrounding circumstances.

Al-Shaibani explains that Qatar deals with lightning speed with all these data. This enables it to maintain its leadership as a strong global competitor in terms of readiness.

He points out that Qatar hosted the Arab Cup under the supervision of FIFA as a rehearsal for a mini Arab World Cup. It is a real experience with the participation of 16 teams before the start of the 2022 World Cup.

The Libyan journalist confirmed that Qatar’s previous experiences passed successfully. It hosted the FIFA meetings under strict conditions to preserve the health of the participants from COVID.

Al-Shaibani also cited Qatar’s great success in hosting the FIFA Club World Cup. It took place in Qatar last February. He highlighted the importance of fans’ attendance according to a strict medical protocol, which is the bio-secure bubble.

He stresses that Qatar was the first in the world to return the audience to football stadiums. Fans are what makes football special, according to him.

As for the Arab Cup, he said that the tournament returns 8 years after the last edition of it. However, he added, “it will return according to international standards and under the supervision of FIFA.”

He attributed this success to Qatar, “whose sports diplomacy has proven a success that has become the subject of admiration and appreciation.”


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