The date of the match between Young Boys and Villarreal

The date of the match between Young Boys and Villarreal

Young Boys


The Young Boys will face Villarreal on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, in the third round of the European Champions League.

European teams and clubs had begun preparing for the Champions League matches after the end of the international suspension period.

Millions of fans and fans of Young Boys club are placing high hopes on the players, hoping for a strong victory.

A new exclusive night shot online. Watch the Man Young Boys match against Villarreal on YouTube on today 10/20/2021.

The match will be broadcast on beIN Sport 2EN channels, while many fans are watching and we will provide you with a link to watch the match in HD quality.

When to watch the Young Boys vs Villarreal match in the UEFA Champions League

The meeting between the two teams will start at exactly ten o’clock in the evening Saudi and Iraqi time, and at nine o’clock in the evening the time of Egypt and Sudan, and it will start at eight o’clock in Tunisia and Algeria, and a quarter past nine in the Emirates time.

Young Boys vs Villarreal match ticket

Match date: 10/20/2021

Tournament: UEFA Champions League

Round: third

Carrier channels: beIN sport 2EN.

Stadium: Swiss Wankdorf

Commentator: Ahmed Abdo.

Expected starting line-up for Young Boys:

Goalkeeper: David von Palmos

Defense Line: Garcia / Looper / Borghi / Heinmetti

Midfield: Ngamalu / Aybshir / Martinez / Pereira / Vasnacht

Attack: Mishak Elijah / Sepacho

The expected line-up for Atalanta:

Goalkeeper: Geronimo Rulli

Defense Line: Mourinho / Torres / Mandy / Vois

Midfield: Mano Trigueros / De Rhone / Capo / Parejo

Forwards: Puppy Enfield / Jared Moreno / Jeremy Beno

The Young Boys team is in second place in the European Champions League standings with 3 points, after winning a match and losing a match.

As for Villarreal, it comes in fourth place with one point after losing a match and a draw. It is expected that this match will be more fierce by Young Boys.

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