Argentina Olympic Team defeats Egypt Olympic Team

The events of the match between Egypt and Argentina .

All Arabs and Egyptians hoped that the Egyptian Olympic team would win, but we wish him success in the coming days. The Egyptian Olympic team was defeated by the Argentine Olympic team with a clean goal in the match on Sunday morning at nine thirty in the morning in the competitions of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Egyptian Olympic team performed well in the match throughout the 90 minutes, but it was not so lucky and the Argentine Olympic team snatched the victory from it. Thus, the Argentine Olympic team has the three points and the situation is difficult for the Egyptian team.

The Egyptian Olympic team missed many chances in the first half to score, but they were not lucky, and scored the winning goal in the second half of the match. The Egyptian Olympic team should focus firmly and firmly in the Australian match, so he must win until he waits for the results of the group and qualify for the next round.

Egypt’s Olympic team tied with Spain’s Olympic team in a goalless draw, neither team scored any goal. Spain will play Australia, knowing that Australia beat Argentina with two clean goals.

The formation of the Egyptian national team came: In guarding the goal / Mohamed El-Shennawy

And Ahmed Hegazy, Al Wensh, Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Akram Tawfik, Karim Al Iraqi, Osama Jalal, Ammar Hamdi, Ramadan Sobhi and Salah Mohsen.

The two teams played strongly, especially the Egyptian team, which put pressure on the Argentine team at the beginning of the match, and Ramadan Sobhi missed an opportunity for a confirmed goal in the 13th minute. The Egyptian team did not play with a defensive reservation as it did with Spain, but the Egyptian team played with a high spirit.

In the second half, the Argentine Olympic team started the match in an offensive and enthusiastic manner, unlike the first half, which was playing randomly. The Argentine team took advantage of its dominance in the first half, and the winning goal was scored by Facundo Medina in the 52nd minute.

After scoring the goal, the Egyptian team tried to score a goal, but they did not succeed in scoring, but they missed a lot of opportunities, and we all hope to win and qualify in the next Australia match.

Second half

The second half started with a different start than the first. The Argentine team started this half in an offensive and enthusiastic manner, reversing its performance in the first, which was random.

The Argentine team took advantage of its control over the first minutes of the second half, and scored the goal of the lead through Facundo Medina in the 52nd minute.

After the goal, the Egyptian team tried to return to the match, but without real effectiveness because of the recklessness with which the Egyptian team plays and the inaccuracy in ending the attack.

Attacks began for the Egyptian team to score, but came at long intervals and were random, while the Argentine Olympic team formed dangerous counter-attacks. In the last minutes, the Egyptian team began to be positive again, but as usual without focus, Ibrahim Adel and Ahmed Yasser Rayan missed an important opportunity to score the equalizer and then the meeting ends with a loss Egypt with a clean goal.

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