The Fastest Player in Euro 2020 from Italy

An Italian player set a new record during the Euro 2020 as the fastest player.

Leonardo Spinazzola set a record for the Italian national team during the group stage matches of the Euro 2020.

The player, according to the European Union website, became the fastest player in the Euro 2020 so far.

Italian winger Spinazzola set a top speed of (33.8 km/h) during his country’s match against Turkey. Daniel James of Wales (33.5 km/h) and England’s Raheem Sterling (33.1 km/h) follow him.

In Euro 2016, the French player, Kingsley Coman, was the fastest with a speed of 32.8 km/h.

The Italian national team reached the Round of 16 of the Euro 2020, leading the first group with 6 points.

It won two matches against Switzerland by 3-0 on Wednesday. It also won in the opening match over Turkey by 3-0 as well.

With this number, the player outperformed great players such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wales’ Gareth Bale, who are famous for their speed.

The Italian national team has become a strong candidate for the championship. Especially after a very excellent performance at the technical and physical level. They started with two consecutive victories.

Analysts and coaches around the world celebrated the Italian team’s performance. Now, it is a strong candidate for the title due to its preparedness.



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