The FIFA Arab Cup in Qatar enhances Doha’s leading role

Seven teams have joined the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 after passing the qualifiers hosted by Doha over a week.

During the qualifiers, the Qatari organizing committee implemented strict precautionary measures.

The committee secured the safety of delegates and organizers through the innovative bio-secure bubble. This was to protect everyone from the risks of infection with the Covid-19.

According to the plan, the local organizing committee sought accuracy in implementing all the details of the qualifiers. It ensured all amenities for the participating delegations and teams.

They harnessed huge potentials to bring the event out in a way that befits the great reputation of Qatar. The World Cup country host enhanced its leadership in hosting major sporting events.

Thus, it has also become the safe haven that revived life during the pandemic. For international, continental, and Arab sports competitions in general, and football in particular.

The level of organization and strict preventive protocols received wide praise from the participating delegations at all administrative and technical levels, and the players themselves.

Furthermore, everyone saw the qualifying experience as a role model and a reference that inspires those seeking to host sporting events.

In addition to this was the important message sent by the organizers. Qatar’s success in hosting the FIFA Arab Cup finals in late November will ensure the organization of an exceptional version like the one in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

It also appreciated the officials in the Arab federations who were at the head of the delegations participating in the qualifiers. The important and significant role of the State of Qatar is changing the view of FIFA regarding the Arab Cup.

To be the first regional tournament to receive this honor, gave this edition a different dimension. It makes it a historic tournament that will remain in the memories.

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