The Olympic team can win the Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Olympic team can win the Tokyo Olympics 2020


All confidence in the Olympic team led by Shawky Gharib to qualify for the second round in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A victory that is not out of reach over Australia tomorrow, Wednesday, gives the Pharaohs the boarding pass.. Everyone is waiting for joy.

The hopes of qualifying for the Olympic team remain pinned on it, because it really deserves it, as we are not inferior to the level of the competitors (Spain, Argentina, and Australia).

This was evident in the group matches, after achieving a deserved draw against Al Matador and falling into the trap of an undeserved defeat against Tango, in a match in which we were very close to victory, had it not been for bad luck and wasting a large number of easy opportunities in the first half.

Indeed, the current generation of the Olympic team deserves support and deserves to reach the farthest point in the Olympic competition.

Especially as it includes a group of skilled players with high abilities, although most of them did not present their full level in the Olympics, which they were in the African Nations Under-23 Championship, which we won on our soil in 2020.

Perhaps the inevitability of winning over Australia will force the Olympic team to show its true capabilities at the offensive level – which is the most important thing that distinguishes us, but it is disrupted by an effective action – and to provide the desired and expected performance of the masses.

Shawky Gharib also pushed to change his technical view based on the defensive style in the past two matches.

Thus, changing the game plan and playing with an offensive three behind the spearhead, Ahmed Yasser Rayan, with only two players in the middle of the field instead of three, as was the case against Spain and Argentina, which reduced our offensive performance and weakened our chances of winning.

And the best thing for the Olympic team against Australia is for Shawky Gharib to change the whole plan and forget the 3-4-3 method completely.

With the necessity of the presence of Nasser Maher from the beginning of the match, as he is the only one among his colleagues who is able to play the role of the playmaker and provide his colleagues with longitudinal and cross balls inside the opponent’s penalty area and create opportunities to score against Yasser Rayan, who did not receive any support in the past two matches, which made him appear at a weak level and subject to criticism.

Only 90 minutes is enough to mark a new achievement for Egyptian football, and in his opinion, the Olympic team is capable of doing it and winning over Australia.

And then qualifying in the Tokyo Olympics with the determination of men and the real metal of the Egyptian player who appears in adversity.

But they have to focus to the fullest extent and consider this match life or death, and I think that the pressures on the players and their technical staff will make them perform against Australia with all their energies in order to appear at the desired level and achieve the victory that we all hope for.

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