The reason why the British fans were prevented from watching Ronaldo in his first appearance with United

The reason why the British fans were prevented from watching Ronaldo in his first appearance with United

In the sixties of the last century:

Bob Lord, owner of Burnley for 26 years, has urged the rest of the Premier League (now the Premier League) not to broadcast matches between 2:45 and 05:15 pm on British television, urging fans to go to the stadiums of small teams .

This rule remained in effect until today, and therefore the United Kingdom fans will not be able to follow the match between Manchester United and Newcastle United, which will be hosted at Old Trafford on Saturday.

This is part of the fourth round of the Premier League, and in turn, he will not follow the first possible appearance of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, in his second era with the “Red Devils”.

Lord’s idea, which sought to protect the interests of smaller teams against the power of United or Liverpool.

This is based on preventing the broadcast of any football competition, whether English or otherwise, on British television between 02:45 and 05:15 pm on Saturday.

This rule is supported by the European Football Association (UEFA) with the aim of supporting smaller clubs.

But it does not apply anywhere else outside the UK.

Bob Lord pleaded at the time that if a fan was given the option to go to Burnley Stadium or stay on his sofa to watch Manchester United.

It is very likely that he will choose the second option.

Burnley were playing in the first division at the time, so Lord explained that if fans stay at home to watch United.

They will not go to watch the matches of the lower divisions and the entire football pyramid will be affected by the increased demand for television screens.

Since then, this rule has been applied, but the English Football Association and the English Clubs Association have suspended it only during the absence of fans from the stadiums.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, all matches were broadcast on television.

The media influence of Cristiano Ronaldo was not enough to exclude the application of this rule, although the networks (Sky Sports and BT Sport) had the opportunity to broadcast the match.

In selecting the match schedule, the two media networks, as the exclusive carriers of the English Premier League within the United Kingdom, are entitled.

Changing the date of some matches, although the deadline for changing any of the September matches was on July 5, and at that time no one expected that the “Don” would move from Juventus to United.

And in the case of Ronaldo joining Manchester City, UK fans would not have seen his first appearance on television either, because the Leicester City match, which will be played on Saturday night, was not broadcast.

With the exception of the 70,000 fans who attended (Old Trafford) to watch Ronaldo’s debut.

The rest of the British audience will not be able to follow the Portuguese star on English television, but may resort to illegal radio and television broadcasters broadcasting from outside the United Kingdom.

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