The Saudi Crown Prince’s Sportswashing Accusations

The Saudi crown prince’s sportswashing starts a new accusation chapter for Mohamed Bin Salman.

Newsweek, an American magazine, said that bin Salman uses the money to gain legitimacy.

“He has paid millions in sponsorships and prizes as a means of sportswashing to gain international credibility,” it said.

The American magazine noted that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is used to practice sportswashing.

“It is not logically acceptable to separate politics from sports investment,” it added.

The magazine pointed out that this is crucial, especially when it comes to countries such as Saudi Arabia, which have a bad human rights record.

Moreover, it cautioned that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia needs such investments to whitewash his image internationally.


On a related note, bin Salman offered the boxing sports players Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury 100 million pounds to participate in a sporting match.

Khadija Genghis, the fiancé of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, issued an urgent appeal to them not to accept the tremendous financial offer.

She stated that the goal was to host a match for them in the KSA.

Acceptance Supports the Saudi Crown Prince’s Sportswashing.

Genghis continued, “I cannot believe it! After all this time and all the evidence proving his involvement in Khashoggi’s assassination, he is still insisting on hosting sports tournaments.”

Bin Salman, since his accession to power, sought to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s sporting influence. Ultimately, he ended up using it to whitewash his poor human rights record.

Several international media outlets talked about dozens of attempts by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to buy international clubs and competitions and increase local investments.

They point out that Riyadh is looking for a more positive reputation. Whatever the price, it has always paid enormous amounts.

In fact, Saudi Arabia is trying to polish its damaged image due to its poor human rights record. The assassination of Khashoggi, and the detention of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and its role in the Yemen war.

However, Riyadh surprisingly receives sharp criticism from international organizations on human rights and demands for the release of prisoners of conscience.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has never excelled in any sporting competitions in the past. It has not won more than 3 Olympic medals in 11 participation.

Bin Salman started a special fund of millions of euros for the purpose of sportswashing.


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