The UAE League Referees: Victims of a Conspiracy?

The UAE League referees are having a difficult nightmare this season, with successive accusations of mismanaging matches and negatively affecting their course with bizarre decisions that reflect their weakness.

However, it is also striking that the coaching staffs of some clubs are systematically distracting these referees.

As a result of the absence of the audience due to the Coronavirus pandemic this season, the shouting of coaches, along with substitute players, at the UAE League referees was loud.

Oddly in football, they screamed and chanted shrilly towards the referees in many matches.

As a result, many referees made wrong decisions under the pressure of screams and protests.

Targeting the UAE league referees goes according to a scenario that appears to be agreed upon between the coach and his assistants.

The coach begins to annoyingly protest the decisions of the referee and his assistants. Then, screaming and shouting immediately begin on the bench.

This plan has largely succeeded in influencing the “field judges” in the UAE.

Due to these influences, many referees made catastrophic mistakes that negatively affected match results.


Therefore, sports analyst Mohammed Ghurab called on the UAE Professional League to set strict restrictions that would end this phenomenon.

Ghurab said that coaches and clubs are now using the referees as scapegoats to justify their failures every time.

The sports analyst criticized the coaching staffs’ shouting and yelling towards the referees.

Consequently, he called on match observers to monitor these behaviors. And he asked to record them in the report in order to make appropriate decisions against them.

On the other hand, this is not the only reason why the Emirati referees appear this weak and raw.

To that end, the Chair of the Referees Committee, Salem Al Shamsi, received an official delegation from FIFA.

Al Shamsi discussed with the delegation of FIFA the refereeing scene and the need to work on its evaluation and set a plan for its development.

According to media reports, the UAE Referees Committee is considering organizing an external coexistence period for a number of young referees.


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