Three Reasons For Al Ain’s Failure for The Third Consecutive Season

Al Ain’s failure does not seem normal at the Emirati club, which is full of stars and has huge financial potential.

Al-Ain Club, UAE, has been suffering from a series of failures and disastrous results for the third consecutive season. This resulted in them dropping out of all competitions, both domestically and in Asia.

Consequently, the fans are now wondering about the cause of these successive failures. Thus, they are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that the team entered three seasons ago and could not get out of.

This report focuses on the main reasons for Al Ain’s failure.

1- Administrative crisis

Everything negative affects the Emirati club started after the former administration, consisting of Muhammad Obaid Hammad, Mattar Al-Sahbani, and Issam Abdullah, was dismissed.

During the era of these three, the team accomplished great achievements unprecedented in the history of the club.

This includes Al Ain’s achievement of the league and cup domestic double, in addition to reaching the FIFA Club World Cup final.

With the departure of these three, the club faced an administrative crisis from which it has not recovered until today.

2- Coaching issue

In addition to the administrative crisis, Al Ain’s failure is partially a result of a coaching issue.

Since Portuguese coach Pedro Emanuel took charge of coaching the team, the players’ performance has clearly deteriorated.

In addition, the team lost its quality and started playing without an identity.

As a result, the middle and bottom-ranked teams have dared to take on Al Ain. Something that was not common before.

But the loss of prestige due to poor quality, poor results, and heavy defeats made these teams dare to compete with Al-Ain.

In addition, the team is no longer capable of maintaining its lead in matches or returning after receiving goals.

3- Players

The players of the Emirati club are a major part of the crisis afflicting the team, along with the administrative and coaching issues.

The players are in an unprecedented state of loss. They make catastrophic basic mistakes that cost the team a lot.

Moreover, the administration has not succeeded in strengthening the team with the necessary players during the transfer period. They contented themselves with making commercial deals without adding real quality.


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