Tite describes the decision to stop the Clasico match against Argentina as fair

Tite describes the decision to stop the Clasico match against Argentina as fair

Brazil coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi “Tite” confirmed that he would have liked the El Clasico match against Argentina to take place last Sunday.

But despite that, he believes that the decision to suspend the match was fair because laws and health are above sports.

Tite said at a press conference in Recife, where Brazil will host the Peru national team today, Thursday, in the framework of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

A just decision is to respect the laws, to put people’s health first.

Sport is important, but there is a measure of importance in which health is more important, the law is more important, the protocol must be respected, we are dealing with lives.”

Brazil leads the qualifiers by obtaining the full mark, as it has 21 points from seven victories in 7 matches.
The crisis began with the Brazilian national team’s match with its Argentine counterpart stopping a few minutes after its start.

The FOX Sports Brasil TV network reported that the Super Clasico was suspended due to a request by members of the “Anvisa” organization, the national health monitoring agency in Brazil, to stop the match due to the participation of Argentine players who violated the quarantine rules, namely Martinez, Buendia, Lo Celso and Romero.

As a result of stopping the match, the Argentine national team players withdrew from the field after the Brazilian health authorities entered the stadium and tried to remove the Tango players from England from the match.

Because they violated health protocols by force, which was rejected by their colleagues, led by Commander Lionel Messi.

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