The match between Tottenham and Rennes in the European Conference was postponed due to Corona

The match between Tottenham and Rennes in the European Conference was postponed due to Corona

The European Football Association “UEFA” decided to postpone the match between the English team Tottenham Hotspur and its guest, the French team Rennes, which was scheduled for tomorrow evening, Thursday, in the group stage competitions of the European Conference League, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus among Spurs players.

The UEFA statement confirmed that the match between Tottenham and Rennes has been postponed due to the large number of infections with the Corona virus in the English team, and the date of the match will be determined at a later time.

And Antonio Conte, the technical director of the English club, Tottenham, had confirmed that 13 Sabers had been infected with the new Corona virus, as he said that there were 8 players and 5 technical staff, all of whom were infected with Covid-19.

And Antonio Conte, coach of Tottenham Hotspur, added, during his remote press conference today, before the Rennes match in the European Conference League, after the recent outbreak of Covid in the club: “The problem is that every day the number of injured increases.”

Conte continued in his statements about the European Conference League, “The situation is dangerous in Tottenham, there is a big infection within the team, we are afraid and we do not know what will happen.”

And the Tottenham coach continued: “Everyone is afraid, the situation is dangerous and there are new people infected with Covid-19 every day, people whose tests were negative yesterday and today they are positive.”

And the disease broke out last Sunday evening with the appearance of symptoms on the senior players, and then swabs appeared on Monday with positive 11 other people.

UEFA rules state that there are 13 players, including the goalkeeper, and matches cannot be postponed, so Tottenham will be on the field and play the match as normal.

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