Conte is considering leaving Tottenham due to lack of management support

Conte is considering leaving Tottenham due to lack of management support

Massimo Brambati, the agent of Italian coach Antonio Conte, revealed that his client is considering leaving the English club, Tottenham, due to the London club’s lack of sufficient support for him, in terms of deals.

Spurs lost on Wednesday evening, 1-0, to Burnley in the English Premier League, and Conte hinted at the time that he would hold further talks with the administration in order to support him not to repeat the losses.

Conte’s agent said in comments published by the English newspaper “Daily Express”, “He is considering leaving, he would like to stay at home, let’s say so.”

He added, “For me, he overestimated the situation, which he then found himself managing. The results did not help him, not only on the pitch but also the reaction of the players.”

“It takes time and maybe he realizes there’s a margin he can’t get past with certain players, he made the wrong assessment, I’ve heard from him; he’s frustrated with the situation he expected to be different.”

He explained: “He considered his adventure at Inter closed for a number of reasons, he went to the Nerazzurri, contrary to his history because he still represents the spirit of Juve.”

He continued: “He also did it to show that someone at Juventus might have been wrong in making certain assessments when Allegri left, the most logical option was to bring him back and not go to Sarri.”

Conte was appointed coach of Tottenham after the departure of Nuno Sprinto Santo last November, and Spurs are eighth in the English Premier League table with 39 points.

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