Tottenham coach Santo’s comments after beating Watford with a clean goal

Tottenham coach Santo’s comments after beating Watford with a clean goal

Tottenham Hotspur coach Nuno Santo commented on his team’s third win in a row this season, after they dropped Watford with a clean goal from South Korea’s Heung Min Son to lead the Premier League standings by two points from their nearest rivals.

Nono Santo said:

“Our fans have been fantastic with all of us and I think today we took another step for everything we want this teamwork between us and them should go home proud.”

Nuno Santo added:

“Son is great but I still think he still has a long way to improve and he will improve his numbers with the team and he is a great player especially with the way he works.”

Nuno Santo emphasized:

“I’m happy for Son but the challenge for him is to move forward.”

Nuno Santo stressed:

“The players worked hard to achieve this win and to achieve consistency it will take time.”

The Tottenham coach continued:

“It was a tough match but it was a really good match in the second half and we had chances to be more decisive.”

Nuno Santo spoke of Lo Celso and Romero joining their teams, which may mean they will not play against Palace and Chelsea due to the ban:
“We’re working on it. Let’s see.”

Nuno Santo said:

“What I didn’t like today is that we didn’t decide the match even though we had the quality to do so.”

Santo continued:

“But what made me happy is that we kept creating chances even when we didn’t win the game and we didn’t slack or slack but we were completely focused and that’s very nice.”

South Korean Son Heung scored the first goal for Tottenham in the 42nd minute from a free kick he took directly to deceive the Watford goalkeeper. .

With this result, Tottenham led the English Premier League with 9 points, ahead of West Ham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton, with 7 points from 3 games, making Tottenham two points ahead.

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