The secret of the arbitration farce in the Tunisia-Mali match

The secret of the arbitration farce in the Tunisia-Mali match and a strong injury to Akram Tawfiq

In this article, we will talk in detail about the bad refereeing that took place in a match between Tunisia and Mali, as well as Akram Tawfiq’s severe injury that will keep him out of the stadiums for about a year.

Mali vs Tunisia match

A disaster and an arbitration scandal in a match between the Mali team and Tunisia, all players and coaches were surprised, even the match commentator Issam Chawali whistled the referee in the 85th minute and announced the end of the match.

The reaction of the coaches and technical staff was to quickly go to the referee and warn that the time is still going on, and there are 5 minutes other than overtime. After the referee communicated with the jury, he discovered that there was already an error and the match was completed.

But at the 89th minute, the referee announced the end of the match for the second time, and this is a strange thing, so where is the mouse and where is the jury, and there is a funny thing that happened in the match, and it is at the 79th minute, and he thinks it is 89, and he announced to the assistant referee about five minutes of overtime.

This makes us doubt that the referee wants to end the match with the Mali team advancing with a clean goal before the Tunisian team came with a goal. The coach of Tunisia was very angry at these decisions, and when he expressed his objection to the referee, the referee got angry with him and a verbal argument took place between them.

When the referee finished the match, the two teams responded, and each team went with its players to their dressing room to change their clothes and head to the hotel, but suddenly the referee ordered the two teams to play the match again after half an hour from the end of the match.

The players of the Mali national team came down and the Tunisian team refused to go down, so the referee considered them to withdraw from the match and Tunisia considered this unfair and demanded that CAF replay the match because the match ended before the 90th minute.

This shows us, as an audience, something, which is the difference between African football and European football, and that Cameroon’s organization of the tournament is a very, very bad thing. The weather is very hot, which does not suit some players, and the pitches are not equipped and the ball is changed more than once, as happened in the match between Egypt and Nigeria.

Akram Tawfik’s injury

A note that happened: When the player Akram Tawfik was injured, we all noticed that there was no ambulance equipped to transport the injured players, so the player was transported in the Egyptian team doctor’s car.

Akram Tawfiq was diagnosed with an injury and the necessary examinations and examinations were made, and it was found that he had been injured in the knee area by severing the cruciate ligament, and this will keep him away from the stadiums for about a year for treatment and rehabilitation again.

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