Unprecedented Popularity for The Arab Cup 2021

The Arab Cup 2021 enjoys huge popularity for the first time since its establishment in 1963. It, finally, will resolve a conflict that has raged for decades between fans of the Arab national teams distributed between Asia and Africa.

Before this edition, the Arab teams’ participation in the tournament was sketchy. Usually, either the Olympic team or the youth team attended the cup.

Moreover, the tournament itself did not attract the broad Arab fans from the ocean to the Gulf. Thus, the Arab football federations neglected it and considered it unimportant.

However, after its official recognition by FIFA, the Arab Cup Qatar 2021  will be a fierce football battlefield between Arab teams.

For so long, the Arab fans have dreamed of a tournament that would settle the debate over the best Arab national team.

The Arab teams are distributed throughout the Arab world that extends between the continents of Asia and Africa.

The fans of the Arab-Asian teams often challenged their Arab-African opponents. And Each side would always claim that their team was better and their tournaments were stronger.

The Arab Cup 2021 will be decisive, and thus it gained this unprecedented popularity.

The Arab-African teams are known for their so many professional players in Europe.

In addition, the African teams have top-notch stars in the biggest European clubs.

For example, the Egyptian national team has several stars who play in the English Premier League. For example, Mohamed Salah plays in Liverpool, Mohamed Elneny in Arsenal, and Mahmoud Trezeguet in Aston Villa, among others.

The same applies to the Algerian national team, whose star Riyad Mahrez plays in Manchester City.

Moreover, the Moroccan national team’s star Hakim Ziyech plays in Chelsea.

On the other hand, the Asian teams have local tournaments that can be classified as the strongest in the Arab world.

Consequently, the Arab Cup Qatar 2021 will be the biggest incentive for federations and fans alike to resolve this great debate between the two Arab wings in Asia and Africa.

In the meantime, several Arab federations confirmed the participation of the first team in the upcoming tournament.

The last of these federations was the Egyptian Football Association, which confirmed that “the Pharaohs” would participate in the best squad available at the time of the tournament.

In a press release, the association pointed out the Arabic national importance of the tournament.

The upcoming Arab Cup will start on November 30 and will continue until December 15 of this year.

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