A match with a political flavor.. An American and an Iranian argued before the 2022 World Cup qualification match


It seems that the US-Iranian exchange was not limited to the fields of politics in the current days, against the backdrop of the nuclear crisis, but rather extended to the sports arena, before the start of the match between the two teams in the framework of the second group matches, in which the teams of England and Wales are present alongside them.

The match bears great sensitivity, in light of a burning political aspect between the two countries, in recent years, while on the other hand, it bears a sporting revenge, following the victory that the Iranian team achieved over its American counterpart, in its own home, during the 1994 World Cup, in addition to the fact that the upcoming meeting seems decisive. In light of the two teams having the chances of qualifying, from the group, in contrast to the historic meeting, in which matters were settled.

The argument began with a picture that the US team published on social media, of the Iranian flag, while removing the emblem of the Republic from it, justifying this by showing support for women in Tehran, in their struggle for human rights, which prompted the Iranian team to file a complaint with the International Federation of Football Associations.

The Iranian Football Association considered the American behavior “unprofessional”, explaining that it had sent an e-mail to FIFA to ask it to warn its American counterpart.

A spokesperson for the American Federation later said the posts had been removed and replaced with ones correcting the Iranian flag, but he said: “We still support women in Iran.”

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