Vice Chairman of the FIFA Referee Committee Praises Qatar

The Vice Chairman of the FIFA Referee Committee of the International Federation and the Asian Football Confederation, Hani Ballan, spoke about the recent Arab cup qualifiers in Qatar.

Ballan said that the organizing committee for the qualifiers won the bet. It organized the competition in a way the goes with Qatar’s good reputation in organizing major sports events.

He expressed his admiration for the professionalism of the committees working in the event. He emphasized that they were up to the challenge, especially with the health conditions caused by the Corona pandemic.

Moreover, Ballan praised the COVID Bubble concept. It helped in providing protection for all the working crews and participants, bringing the qualifiers to safety.

He said that the Local Committee, in cooperation with FIFA, has used all the possible capabilities in Qatar to provide the needs of the participating teams and delegations.

Ballan added that the International Federation officials are now familiar with the peculiar capabilities of the Qatari administrative cadres. These cadres have successfully gained great experience while hosting competitions on the international, continental, and local levels during the pandemic. Now, Doha has become a safe place for sports events.

The Vice Chairman of the FIFA Referee Committee stressed that the committee paid great attention to the regional competition. It assigned the refereeing task to a group of respected and well-known crews. He mentioned that they managed the matches in the best way possible.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the committee has employed the great capabilities in Qatar to apply the Video Assistant Referee technology (VAR) in matches. Thus, this ensures justice with the presence of a selection of prominent referees and experienced technical experts.


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