Video | Bin Bakhit: This Is the “Club of the Government”

Saudi writer Abdullah bin Bakhit revealed his opinion regarding the identity of the “club of the government” in the Saudi Professional League.

Bin Bakhit said that Al Hilal is the “club of the government.”

The novelist explained that the reason for this belief is that the senior officials in the Saudi government support Al-Hilal Club.

As a result, he considered that this makes them tend to favor their club.

He also declared being a fan of Al-Hilal, Asia’s Club of the Century.

Bin Bakhit appeared as a guest on the Liwan Al Mudaifer Show when he gave this speech.

On the other hand, Bin Bakhit mocked the “conspiracy theory” of the fans of Al-Nasr club, the traditional opponents of Al-Hilal.

He added sarcastically, “I always say Al-Nasr in all its history has never been defeated. Every defeat is actually a conspiracy against them.”

He continued, “In any match in which Al-Nasr is defeated, there must be a conspiracy against them.”

He added, “Al-Nasr blames the Ministry of Sports, blames the Football Association, and blames the referees; any loss is a conspiracy somehow.”

Moreover, the famous Saudi author talked about the beginnings of Al-Nasr Club.

Bin Bakhit said that Prince Abdulrahman Bin Saud, the historic president of Al-Nasr Club, “created the club’s popularity” by gathering the fans of Al-Ahly of Riyadh, Riyadh, and Al-Najma against Al-Hilal.

He indicated that the “Blues” was dominating the scene during that period.

He added that Prince Abdulrahman tied the fans of those clubs with Al-Nasr in order to avenge them from Al-Hilal.

Bin Bakhit continued, “The fans of Al-Nasr were a gathering, not authentic fans, unlike a tribe with one father.”

He pointed out that the Saudi prince focused during the making of the popularity of Al-Nasr club, aka the global, on the fans of the stadiums, not the elitist fans such as salesmen and managers.

This step, according to him, did not serve Al-Nasr. Hence, Al-Hilal, with its fans and men in the ministries, became the “club of the government.”

For his part, Saudi writer Saleh Al-Fuhaid commented on Bin Bakhit’s statements. He wrote, “Abdullah bin Bakhit is an intellectual and a novelist. He looks at social issues with a lot of awareness and enlightenment.”

Al-Fuhaid added, “But as soon as Abdullah Almudaifer lured him into the trap of Al-Nasr, he revealed a fanatical fan speaking in the tone of private sessions and diwaniyahs. The features of his face began to tremble with hyperactivity.”

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