Wenger: Mohamed Salah is a mixture of Ronaldo and Messi and deserves renewal

Wenger: Mohamed Salah is a mixture of Ronaldo and Messi and deserves renewal

French former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made statements about the Mohamed Salah crisis and the need for Liverpool’s management to renew a contract during this period, otherwise the club will lose an important symbol and player, and mentioned the importance of his continuation in the ranks of Liverpool in the coming years.

Wenger said, “Mohamed Salah is a mixture of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and he has improved greatly in his final touch.”

Wenger added, “Mohamed Salah has become the best player in the world in this current period, from last August until the African Nations Cup. He has presented an exceptional level this season.”

Wenger continued, “There is a new message that may make the owners of Liverpool club move to reconsider their negotiations with Mohamed Salah, and we now see Edin Dzeko and what he is doing at the age of 36, as well as the level that Lewandowski presents when he is 33 years old, then the greatest of football that gave birth to Messi and Ronaldo.” They are 34 and 37 years old.

“There is no period in the mid-20s and the big advantages in the early 30s,” Wenger warned.

Wenger said in his statements about Mohamed Salah, “You have to look at the player’s history with injuries, and if he is excellent and does not miss a match due to any injury, you must pay him 400,000 pounds as a weekly salary, especially if he has speed after thirty, pay him what he wants. If you say his movement, don’t do that.”

Mohamed Salah and his Colombian business manager, Rami Abbas, have been in difficult negotiations with Liverpool FC since the beginning of the season to renew the player’s contract, which expires in the summer of 2023.

Mohamed Salah currently takes a salary of 200,000 pounds per week, at the same time that English press reports said that Salah wants to increase his salary to 420,000 pounds.

Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo receives a weekly salary of 500,000 pounds, while Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne takes a salary of 400,000 pounds per week, and goalkeeper David de Gea, Manchester United goalkeeper, whose salary is currently 375,000 pounds.

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