Who Pumped Money to Al Hilal Club of Saudi Arabia?


Who pumped money to Al Hilal Club of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this month? This is what some observers were curious about. Especially since Al Hilal Saudi Club obtained a certificate of financial competence a few days ago after fulfilling all its financial obligations.

Al-Hilal received criticism from some sports critics questioning the sources of this huge funding for Al-Hilal and no other clubs.

This morning, reports from Saudi Arabia revealed that Al Hilal received two payments from partners of the club this month.

The reports also mentioned “Jahez” and “Shawarmer”, the club’s partners, pumping huge sums of money to the club.

The reports explained that the goal behind the funding was to help Al-Hilal obtain a certificate of financial competence that allows it to register players in the current transfer period.

According to the same sources, the club’s recent financial obligations were salaries for club employees, players and members of the various games.

The club also paid an amount owed to the agent of a player from the team without resorting to rescheduling.

The club’s management used the financial support from the Ministry of Sports to pay the largest part of the salaries of the first team players on a regular basis.

The Saudi writer, Turki Alsahli was surprised that despite all the changes, the financial stability of Al-Hilal is constantly good.

Alsahli was curious about the secret of this stability and the lack of financial demands on the club. Unlike the rest of the Saudi clubs.

He used Al-Nassr club as an example. The Saudi Federation placed a ban on contracts on the club until it showed its ability to fulfill financial obligations.


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