Why Financial Corruption in Saudi Clubs Is not Discussed

Sports critic Muhammad Al-Dowayesh blew a big surprise after he talked about the widespread financial corruption in various Saudi clubs. He asked why the official authorities have not opened this file to this day.

He tweeted:

“What players’ agents said about financial plunder in our sports clubs are just a few examples. Can you believe that some presidents have transferred millions from their club accounts to their personal accounts? And that some deals’ architects are in fact hoarders of huge sums?! It is strange that this file was not opened!”

Al-Dowayesh’s tweet received considerable interaction from the Saudi sports audience of all directions.

(@Fawazas7) commented, “This has been known for too long. Most people in the sports scene know about the brokerage issue.”

He added, “About Al-Ahly ex-coach Gross, how much did he take with Zamalek, yet how much with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia?”

(@L8Yf1) commented, “I am surprised that the Anti-Corruption Commission refuses to intervene in this issue despite the wasted hundreds of millions.”

(@alsaqralmuhlq) called the Anti-Corruption Commission to open an investigation into financial plundering in Saudi clubs.

He tweeted “I wish the Anti-Corruption Authority and its president knew about the brokerage of players and agents and the plundering and looting that was happening previously.”

In turn, Abdullah Al-Badr (@v1VhqtAADudXwqm) commented, “This prevented the progress of some clubs where they have no continental and regional titles in their history. This is all because of corruption and selfishness”

In addition to what the critic Muhammad Al-Dowayesh posted about financial corruption in Saudi clubs, the journalist Saud Al-Sarami criticized the delay of the Ministry of Sports in approving and implementing the “Financial Efficiency” certificate.

The Saudi journalist considered that the issuance of the Financial Efficiency Certificate Law had succeeded in confronting what he described as “economic chaos.”

He added, “But the implementing of Financial Efficiency came late.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that “Saudi club administrations are trying to “circumvent” the Financial Efficiency in search of a media light with no concern about the gravity of what they are doing.

“Debts are coming, complaints are approaching, and their doers are well-known,” he added.

Al-Sarrami accused the Saudi clubs’ administrations of “implicating their clubs with millions of riyals. This is despite their full knowledge that they have to pay off debts before obtaining the clearance of liability. As well as bearing the honorary member of the full value of the deal before its completion.”

He asked, “Do the club administrations that entered this risky adventure have confidence that the issue will end there?”


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