Why Neymar attacked his country’s fans who support Messi

The Brazilian national team star Neymar attacked his country’s fans who support the Argentine national team and Lionel Messi.

Neymar strongly criticized a group of his country’s fans. Who will support Argentina to win Copa America at the expense of their national team.

The Brazilian national team is to meet Argentina in its famous Maracana stadium. The Copa America final is on Sunday.

However, a number of Brazilian fans announced their support for Messi in the final match. Even though it is against their country, Brazil!

Neymar wrote on his account, “I am Brazilian with pride and a lot of love. My dream has always been to be in the Brazilian national team and to hear the fans sing for it.”

He continued, “I have never been against Brazil. And I never will be if they play for anything. Whether it is in sports, a fashion show, or the Oscars.”

Neymar attacked them saying, “If Brazil is in the competition, I will support Brazil. But what is the different thing that Brazilians do about that?”

Nevertheless, Neymar added: “It may also be the first title for Messi.”

He concluded, “He fought a lot to win a title with Argentina. And if I had not been present. And Brazil had not competed, I would have become a fan of Argentina.”


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