Features of the Qatar World Cup… International praise for the 2022 World Cup preparations


International media have praised Qatar’s readiness to host the 2022 World Cup, which will be held from November 20 to December 18.


Those reports described the State of Qatar as having become a sports, political and economic center in the Middle East, and achieving a great renaissance in the field of sports innovation, which qualifies it to embrace the most important international companies in this field.


In this context, the Italian Radio Monte Carlo Italia praised, in a report, the unique design of Lusail Stadium, which will host the most prominent matches during the World Cup, including the final match, noting that what is most surprising is the electricity consumption bill in this stadium. The huge sports edifice, “where it will be really low-cost and certainly less than our cost.”


The report, titled “Here is the future stadium in Qatar, in which the electricity consumption bill will be less than our bills,” added that the stadium with an exceptional structure, which opened a month ago, was designed by the British company “Foster & Partners” with the support of “MANICA Architecture and KEO Consultants.” And that it will be carbon neutral thanks to the amazing photovoltaic system, and the electricity produced by the solar panels is not only sufficient for the needs of the stadium, but also benefits from it the neighboring buildings.

The report continued, “The building materials used in the stadium are environmentally friendly, and the approved water system with high efficiency is able to detect any leakage and provide 40% more fresh water compared to the traditional method. In addition, the water inside the stadium is recycled and used to irrigate the plants outside.” .


In its report, Italian Radio provided a comprehensive and accurate description of the stadium, saying, “The stadium has a semicircular base surrounded by a moat and connected to nearby parking lots via 6 bridges. Its external structure evokes the sail of a traditional Arab dhow boat, while its internal shape reminds of the ancient local art of making pots.” And that “the seats will be reused after their removal, along with other parts, to prepare public places that include shops, cafes, sports and educational facilities.”


For its part, Fikir Turu magazine published an article entitled “Will Qatar score a goal in the 2022 World Cup?” In it, she considered that the State of Qatar faces a golden opportunity to win the difficult World Cup challenge, and it may be the biggest goal it achieves for its future.


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