Reports: Yasser Al-Shahrani suffered a fracture in the jaw and damage to the teeth

World Cup 2022.. Reports: Yasser Al-Shahrani suffered a fracture in the jaw and damage to the teeth


Medical reports revealed the nature of the injury of Yasser Al-Shahrani, the left back of the Saudi national team, which he suffered during the Saudi national team’s match against Argentina in the first round, Group C, in the 2022 World Cup.


And the Saudi newspaper “Al-Riyadh” revealed, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, that the initial medical examinations confirmed that Yasser Al-Shahrani had a fractured jaw, in addition to damage to the teeth, after he collided with goalkeeper Muhammad Al-Owais, the moment he left in one of the cross balls in order to protect The goal of the Saudi national team.


The Saudi national team succeeded in achieving a heavy-caliber surprise by defeating its Argentine rival with two goals to one, as Lionel Messi advanced to Argentina, and Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dossary were able to hit goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.


The Saudi green is preparing to face the Polish national team in its second World Cup match, in Group C, which also includes Argentina and Mexico.


The Saudi national team broke a huge opportunity and a historical record for the Argentine national team in terms of the “unbeaten” series, as Al-Akhdar defeated Tango after 36 matches without losing, after it was one match away from breaking the Italian national team’s record as the most team in history that won consecutive matches without defeat.


The Saudi Greens are considered the first Asian and Arab team to beat Tango in the World Cup and score two goals against Argentina in one match in history.


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