Yesterday’s rival is today’s friend.. Ramos offers to host Messi at his home in Paris

Yesterday’s rival is today’s friend.. Ramos offers to host Messi at his home in Paris

Paris Saint-Germain defender Sergio Ramos has offered his colleague Lionel Messi to host him and his family at his home in the French capital.

And this is during the coming period until the latter finishes buying a house to reside in during the period in which he will play for the Paris national team.

According to El Pais newspaper:

“Sergio Ramos offered Lionel Messi and his family to host them in his house until his new teammate at Paris Saint-Germain found a home in Paris.”

The newspaper added:

“The Argentine star and his family eventually preferred to stay in the hotel.”

This comes after Sergio Ramos stated months ago that he was ready to loan his house “if necessary” to Lionel Messi in the event of his move to Real Madrid, which is unlikely.

Finally, the former Barcelona captain will wear the Paris Saint-Germain shirt this season, while the two players signed for two years with the Parisian team.

And the newspaper “El Pais” revealed on Wednesday that the Spanish defender made his offer this time in concrete terms for the arrival of Lionel Messi.

Ramos said to Messi, according to the words quoted by the Spanish daily newspaper:

“If you’d rather be with your family in a house than in a hotel, you can stay in my house.”

One club member said:

“Sergio respects and respects Leo a lot and before it was the way it was and now he will defend him as one of his team.”

Sergio Ramos said publicly in a previous interview: “We Madridistas had to suffer from Leo in his prime. Not having Messi in front of us would be a great happiness, he helps you win and achieve more success.”

The two men meet again this year at Paris Saint-Germain, after many years of competing in La Liga. Trained at Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi has spent his entire career so far in Catalonia, since his transition to the pro in 2004. Sergio Ramos joined Real Madrid in 2005, gradually becoming the team’s symbolic captain.

Lionel Messi has finally resided at the famous Parisian Royal Monceau Hotel, and the Paris Saint-Germain administration will now assist the player in his efforts to allow him to quickly buy a house in Paris.

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