Zamalek coach attacks the Egyptian league system

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, of Zamalek, attacked the Egyptian league system.

Carteron said in a press statement, “Continuing the league last season was not logical. Everyone knew that Al-Ahly deserved the title, but completing the league caused the pressure of matches this season.”

He added, “I have never seen something like the Egyptian League system before in my life. I do not understand how Al-Ahly remains for all this period without playing matches.”

He continued, “The Egyptian clubs are strong on the continent. Zamalek’s departure from the CAF Champions League was a surprise. Pyramids in the CAF Confederation Cup is also suffering from the pressure of the matches.”

Zamalek coach continued, “This is intolerable and I do not understand how this happens in Egypt. Clubs spend a lot of money in order to achieve titles.”

Carteron called for more organization and justice to make the tournament better.

Furthermore, Carteron pointed that Ferjani Sassi left the team because of the dates of the Egyptian League.

He said, “I am 100% sure that Ferjani Sassi left Zamalek because of the end of his contract. And, I am sure that he signed from a while for another club.”

He continued, “If the season in Egypt would have ended in the normal time, perhaps Ferjani would have continued in Zamalek.”

He added, “But he is a free player. It is impossible to wait until next September to end the season with Zamalek. At that time, he would not find a club to sign for him. He signed now to start the preparation period with his new team. This is normal.”


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